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Spec E30 contact information
Home Base
11401 White Rock Rd
Rancho Cordova, Ca



  NASA Thunderhill 25hour enduro

Welcome to the Home of NorCal Spec E30 Racing!

This website has been designed to augment the National SpecE30 web presence and promote SpecE30 in Northern California. This website is a support tool for local race competitors and potential SpecE30 racers.

National News, Forums, Classifieds, Vendors are found at SpecE30.com.

There is never a dull moment in this sport and that’s what attracts most of us to sports car racing. But along with the racing itself is the camaraderie that develops amongst the racers over the months/years of competition.   The success of NorCal SE30 is the camaraderie we have within our group. The inherent risk we take (both financial and physical) makes this sport one where the participants literally become "comrades in arms".  We have a real and tangible spirit of friendly good-fellowship in our group which people see and want to become a part of.

This is one of the most popular and exciting classes of spec racing in all of NASA. In 2013 we saw a 38 car field at Mazda Laguna Seca. We have new racers joining us in 2014 and we anticipate fields of 30+ cars in our regional races. You are welcome to join us.

We congratuate Michaeal Shawhan and Brad McClure of Team BTM Motorwerks for winning the 2014 NorCal Regional Championship and NorCal SE30 racer Larry Fraser for winning the inaugural NASA Western States SE30 Championships held at Sonoma Raceway.

Feel free to email me or Jim with questions. To get a taste of our racing check out some exciting 2011 NorCal SE30 GoPro Video racing action at Thunderhill below courtesy of NASA's Race Directors Jeff Molher and Will Faules.

SpecE30 racing from all regions across the country (including NorCal and SoCal) can be seen at our group video hosting website on Vimeo.

Scott Neville

NASA NorCal Region SE30 Director

Jim Bucha
NASA NorCal Region Assistant SE30 Director
January 2015

2014 NorCal SpecE30 Regional Champions - Team BTM Motorwerks - Michael Shawhan (L) and Brad McClure (R)
Photo Courtesy of BTM Motorwerks

GoRacing TV Coverage of the 2012 California Crown

2011 Racing Action at Thunderhill



NorCal Spec E30 News

March 2015: 31 SpecE30 Racers Start the March 2015 Season Opener at Sonoma

January 2015: NASA Western States Championships - Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway July 31-Aug 2, 2015

January 2015: 2015 Season Schedule Announced

December 2014: Final Season Points Tally Top 15 finishers

November 2014: Larry Fraser Captures Inaugural Western States SE30 Championships at Sonoma Raceway

October 2014: 30+ SE30 Drivers Ready to Battle West Coast Championships Sonoma, CA

October 2014: Modified Engine Horsepower Rule to be Utilized in the West Coast Championships

November 2013: New National Championship Format Released - East and West Coast Championships

November 2013: MAZDA offers NASA Champions a Chance to Turn Pro

December 2014: 2014 Official NorCal Schedule Released

January 2014: New MyLaps Official Timing Link to NorCal Events

January 2014: NASA SpeedNews Magazine

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